Election 2020

Welcome to the SONEUK Election Page!
The results of the election for SONEUK 4th Executive Committee are as below.



Sanyukta Shrestha 158
Subodh Timilsina 83
Narad Bhandari (uncontested)
Bidur Ghimire 105
Hari Krishna Neupane 90
Mohammad Ziaulhaq Ansari 46
Roshan Bhattarai 181
Sagyan Kharel 60
Rashmi Singh Rana (uncontested)
Bhesh Kafle 88
Bishal Rana 157
Hari Nepal 220
Megha Paudyal 228
Prakash Bhujel 99
Priyanka Regmi 172
  1. Election Programme  – To download as Excel file, please click here.
  2. Election Directive   – To download as Word file, please click here.
  3. Nomination Form   – To download as Word file, please click here.
  4. e-ballot (Sample)
  5. Final List of Candidates

 Election Programme

SN Activities Date Day By Time
1 Receive Voter List from EX Committee 15-Aug-20 Saturday 23:59:00
2 Publish Voting List 16-Aug-20 Sunday 23:59:00
3 Email communication to voters with election schedule 16-Aug-20 Sunday 23:59:00
4 Candidate Nomination Start 17-Aug-20 Monday 00:00:00
5 Candidate Nomination End 18-Aug-20 Tuesday 23:59:00
6 Candidate List Publication 20-Aug-20 Thursday 23:59:00
7 Registration of candidate for election campaign 22-Aug-20 Saturday 23:59:00
8 Election Campaigning Speech via Zoom (5 min Members, 10min others) 23-Aug-20 Sunday 14:00:00 to 16:00:00
9 Nomination Withdrawal 23-Aug-20 Sunday 23:59:00
10 Publication of Final Candidate list 24-Aug-20 Monday 23:59:00
11 Electronics Voting Start 27-Aug-20 Thursday 00:00:00
12 Electronic Voting End 28-Aug-20 Friday 23:59:00
13 Result Publish (Immediately after AGM) 29-Aug-20 Saturday AGM Date, 2pm
14 Certificate Distribution/Oath 29-Aug-20 Saturday AGM Date, 2pm

 Election Directive

The election conduct committee 2020 (ECC2020) issues the following directives under the power provided by the executive committee 2018-2020, SONEUK for the sole purpose of conducting an election of the 4th executive committee of SONEUK for 2020-2022.

  1. The election will be held from 27th August 2020 to 28th August 2020 by using an online system provided by OpaVote (https://www.opavote.com/)
  2. ECC2020 will treat the final member list provided by the executive committee 2020 as a final voter list for this election. ECC2020 will update the candidate list in the website soneuk.org/members and will notify it to the voters through the email.
  3. The election will be held for the 5 official positions: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, General Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 general members.
  4. Any SONEUK member listed in the final voter list will be able to submit his/her candidacy for any position of the executive committee nomination with one supporter and one nominator and will be referred as candidate.
  5. The candidate will have to deposit non-refundable nomination fee of £20 for the contest of official position and £10 for the contest of member position.
  6. The supporter and the nominator can support and nominate maximum of three candidates respectively.
  7. ECC2020 will reserve the right to cancel any candidacy during the election and dismiss the results even after the election if it finds any criminal charge against the candidate.
  8. When the election starts, the voters will receive an email with e-ballots. They can submit the e-ballot only once by selecting their preferred candidates. The voters will have to select one candidate for each official position and four for the member position.
  9. The voters must not forward the email containing ballot to any other people to cast the vote on their behalf.
  10. The collected e-ballots will be counted by using most popular traditional method where each voter selects candidates, and the candidate with the largest number of votes is the winner.
  11. In the case of equal count of winning votes for any positions, the ECC2020 will decide the winner by using toss (Gola Pratha).
  12. The result of the e-election will be published in the SONEUK website soneuk.org and same will be notified to all the voters through the emails on 29th August 2020.
  13. ECC2020 will have the final right to give a decision on any dispute regarding this election. The decision can be challenged in the current executive committee and will be, finally, resolved by AGM if necessary.
  14. ECC2020 will communicate with the voters through its officials email election@soneuk.org and will entertain the response received in the same email address, if necessary. Members are requested to check in junk e-mail in case the e-mail provider send the e-mail to the junk folder.
  15. By submitting the e-ballot papers the voters will agree all the terms mentioned in this directive.

 Nomination Form

 e-ballot (sample)