Annual General Meeting 2020

Tele-Conference via Zoom Meeting,
29 August 2020

The Society of Nepalese Engineers in UK (SONEUK) conducted its election to form a nine-member Executive Committee (EC) using an online voting system, for the first time. Out of its current 242 active engineer members, 241 members (99.6%) voted via the online voting system. Mr Sanyukta Shrestha has been elected for the position of Chairperson of the 4th EC, garnering 158 votes in the election. 

Other elected executives are – Mr Narad Bhandari (uncontested) for the position of Vice-chairperson, Dr Bidur Ghimire for General Secretary, Dr Roshan Bhattarai for Secretary and Ms Rashmi Singh Rana for Treasurer (uncontested). Similarly, Mr Bishal Rana, Mr Hari Nepal, Ms Megha Paudyal, and Ms Priyanka Regmi were also elected as members for the EC. 

Earlier on the day, Annual General Meeting (AGM) was also held, chaired by incumbent Chairperson Mr Shailendra Kaji Shrestha and conducted by incumbent General Secretary Mr Umesh Parajuli. The outgoing 3rd EC presented reports on activities accomplished in its two years’ tenure in the AGM, and the AGM later endorsed all the reports.  

On behalf of the Constitution Sub-committee of outgoing 3rd EC, the incumbent General Secretary Mr Umesh Parajuli put forward a working By-Laws 2020 (‘Bidhan’ of SONEUK) in the AGM for discussion. The AGM discussed over the various provisions in the Bidhan, and it endorsed the “By-Laws 2020” with amendments so as to make it a working document of the SONEUK in line with Articles of Association (AoA), a charity registration binding document of the SONEUK.