1. To organise social gathering to foster relationship among and including the family members of Nepalese Engineers living in the United Kingdom

2.To share experience and knowledge in resolving personal as well as professional problems faced by Nepalese Engineers in the United Kingdom.

3. To promote and encourage professional interaction and lifelong learning among the member engineers.

4. To assist new arrivals and job seeker engineers for their settlement in the United Kingdom through information dissemination and guidance in job search.

5. To empower Nepalese engineers with a sense of pride and achievement through collective actions including technical conferences, seminars and workshops.

6. To promote and foster good relations, exchange ideas, share experiences and skills between Nepalese engineers residing in the United Kingdom and engineers in Nepal

7. To initiate a process for recognition of Nepalese Engineering education in various organisations in the UK like ICE, RICS.

8. To promote, mobilise resources, and facilitate the advancement of engineering and scientific education, research, training, skills and technology transfer in Nepal through various Symposia, seminar and workshops, and other possible means.

9. To promote fraternity amongst Nepalese of other walks of life residing in the United Kingdom.

10. Skill & Technology transfer to Nepal.