Health & Safety

Health & Safety at construction sites is an important aspect to safeguard the wellbeing of the team members and overall success of a construction project. Accidents are the biggest risks in the construction industry of Nepal. The Health and Safety (H&S) management is perceived to be lacking in the industry. The country is rapidly developing infrastructure projects ranging from the small to large scale. As the number of constructions of infrastructure project grows, it is more likely to increase number of accidents in the construction projects if H&S is not managed efficiently and effectively. Therefore, a H & S regulating body and a monitoring system should be established in Nepal to provide the safe system of work and minimise the accidents during the construction.

SONEUK is committed to carry out a study to assess how the construction safety is considered and implemented in construction sites to establish the status of H&S practices in the construction projects in Nepal. This study will identify the areas of improvements in H&S, key actions that need to be undertaken and the role and responsibility of a H&S regulating body with input from experienced engineers from UK.

On behalf of the SONEUK, the study will be conducted by two engineering students doing the post graduate study in Construction Management in Institute of Engineering, Nepal as a part of their postgraduate dissertation. Project is expected to complete by the end of 2021. On behalf of SONEUK, project will be supervised by SONEUK Project subcommittee coordinator Hari Nepal, with input from other team members.

SONEUK Project subcommittee members:

Hari Nepal, Coordinator
Shailendra K Shrestha, Member
Bhesh Kaphle, Member
Bibek Koirala, Member
Raj Kumar Tripathi, Member


Project update

31 January 2022 – SONEUK sponsored £1000 towards the R&D of the project with the results being published in various engineering journals. New can be read here.