Youth Event Series 3 – Mock Interview Workshop

The Society of Nepalese Engineers in the UK (SONEUK) has successfully conducted the third event in its Youth Series which was a Mock Interview Workshop, a two-day virtual event which took place in the evenings of Tuesday 31st August and Wednesday 1st September 2021. This programme was aimed at graduates looking to practice their interview skills and receive constructive feedback from allocated resource persons from within their field of engineering. The one-to-one sign-up sessions attracted ten young professionals currently looking for a job, with a few even tuning in from Nepal.

The workshop began at 7pm with a short introduction to the event. The participants and resource persons were then directed into break-out rooms according to the engineering faculty they belong to. On Tuesday evening we had three different faculties which were running interviews parallel to each other. Multiple experienced professionals and valued members of the society acted as interviewers throughout the event to share their experiences and enhance the skills of our participants.



Dr. Roshan Bhattarai and Mr Narad Bhandari were interviewers for Electrical Engineering whilst Dr Rudra Poudel and Dr. Deepak GC were available for IT and Computer Engineering. Civil and Structural Engineering proved to be most popular, with participants filling all the slots available on both evenings. Mr Tara Lamsal and Mr Divit Kandel were consulting on Tuesday’s session whilst Mr. Laxman Ghimire led during Wednesday’s workshop.

This event allowed young professionals an opportunity to test out their interview skills whilst gaining useful feedback and tips from experienced professionals within their field of work. It is hoped that our participants’ ability to tackle future interviews has been improved whilst boosting their confidence in what can be a daunting experience. A feedback form has ben sent to our participants so that the organising team can evaluate and improve on one-to-one workshops like these in the future.