Women in Technology: Talk & Interaction

On 31st January 2020, Society of Nepalese Engineers UK organised a talk and interaction program focussed on the issues of women professionals in the technology-based industries, at Royal Anthropological Institute, Central London. Nearly 40 guests attended the event tiled ‘Women in Technology’, with four speakers including Civil engineer Pooja Bhagat, Device development manager Alka Bajracharya, Software developer Amanda Cavallaro and Psychiatrist Nikki Shakya, and moderator Sudeshna Puri.


Ms Bhagat explained about the nature of her work as a Cilvil engineer and technical challenged faced on a daily basis. Ms Bajracharya informed about the lesser number of women in her industry, and what are the challenges for a woman manager of a male-dominant team, and how she overcomes them. Ms Cavallaro shared her experience as a software developer, and the challenges for women in the industry. Ms Shakya shared her study on imposter syndrome and how to handle it.


During the interactions, the speakers shared their views and the information they had on unequal pay scale, and gender biases with the industry and in society in general. They addressed the issues with reference to their experiences and discussed potential solutions for the member of the community to benefit from. The interaction concluded with drinks and nibbles, with further networking.