SONEUK Annual Gathering 2019

Saturday, 3rd August 2019

SONEUK organised family gathering as an annual programme in Nottingham (Gurkha Kitchen, Nottingham, 131 Glaisdale Drive, W Nottingham, NG8 4GY) from 15:00 hrs till midnight. BBQ, Nepalese dinner, music, bhajan and dances were major highlights of the programme.

28 SONEUK family members with over 75 participants from across the UK, all the way from Kent, London, Birmingham, Scotlands, Southhampton, Nottinghamshire and around, attended the gathering. Some families travelled one day before and managed to visit nearby places and pleasure centres such as Mount Cook, Matlock bath, Height of Abraham and Gullivers kingdom theme park. Executive member Bed Bhattarai with IT support from Secretary Sanyukta Shrestha ran entertainment programme, which began with Nepalese national anthem played by Master Sanyojan Shrestha, son of Sanyukta Shrestha. Ganesh Thapa, Co-ordinator, North England, presented his holy bhajan, “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna..”.


The couple dances were performed by Chairperson Shailendra Shrestha and his wife Bandana Shrestha, followed by Prof Keshav Dahal and his wife Mrs Anjana Dahal, then by Bed Bhattarai and his wife Shashi Bhattarai. Dance by the second generation was an extraordinary performance by Ushika and Urvika Parajuli, daughters of General Secretary Umesh Parajuli. Floor was then opened to group dances in Nepali, Hindi and English songs until the closing at midnight.

Utilising some time from the family gathering, SONEUK also held its AGM on the same day. To read more about the AGM session, please click here.

A full report of the Gathering and AGM is also accessible by clicking here.