Final List of Candidates 2022

The final list of candidates for the SONEUK 5th executive committee is as following.
The name of the candidates for each position is listed in an alphabetic order by their full name.

Position: Chairperson
Sn Full Name
1 Keshav P Bhattarai
2 Rudra Koirala
Position: Vice Chairperson
Sn Full Name
1 Hari Nepal
Position: General Secretary
Sn Full Name
1 Ravi Chandra Koirala
Position: Secretary
Sn Full Name
1 Sagyan Kharel
Position: Treasurer
Sn Full Name
1 Priyanka Regmi
Position: Members
Sn Full Name
1  Darpan Gautam
2 Manoj Pun
3 Sujan Sharma
Note – No nomination received- To be filled by new Executive Committee along with other two members
As there have been only single nominations for the position of
  • Vice Chair Person
  • General Secretary
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
hence, they are all elected unopposed. Congratulations elected personals ???
There have been only 3 nominations for members for 4 positions available.
All three candidates of members are elected unopposed.Congratulations to all candidates for member position!???
The election for the position of Chair Person will be held as scheduled.
List of elected unopposed:
  • Vice Chair Person: Hari Nepal
  • General Secretary: Ravi Koirala
  • Secretary: Sagyan Kharel
  • Treasurer: Priyanka Regmi
  • Members:
  • Darpan Gautam
  • Manoj Pun
  • Sujan Sharma