Election 2022

Welcome to the SONEUK Election Page!

The results of the election for SONEUK 5th Executive Committee are as below.

At the end of the voting period, a total of 99 votes out of 111 were casted. The votes obtained by each candidate for Chairperson are:

1. Keshav Bhattarai – 38 votes

2. Rudra Koirala – 60 votes

3. One vote – empty ballot
Position: Chairperson
Sn Full Name
1 Rudra Koirala
Position: Vice Chairperson
Sn Full Name
1 Hari Nepal
Position: General Secretary
Sn Full Name
1 Ravi Chandra Koirala
Position: Secretary
Sn Full Name
1 Sagyan Kharel
Position: Treasurer
Sn Full Name
1 Priyanka Regmi
Position: Members
Sn Full Name
1  Darpan Gautam
2 Manoj Pun
3 Sujan Sharma
Note – No nomination received- To be filled by new Executive Committee along with other two members