Final List of Candidates

The final list of candidates for the SONEUK 4th executive committee is as following.
The name of the candidates for each position is listed in an alphabetic order by their full name.


Position: Chairperson
Sn Full Name
1 Sanyukta Shrestha
2 Subodh Timilsina


Position: Vice Chairperson
Sn Full Name
1 Narad Bhandari
Position: General Secretary
Sn Full Name
1 Bidur Ghimire
2 Hari Krishna Neupane
3 Mohammad Ziaulhaq Ansari
Position: Secretary
Sn Full Name
1 Roshan Bhattarai
2 Sagyan Kharel
Position: Treasurer
Sn Full Name
1 Rashmi Singh Rana


Position: General Member
Sn Full Name
1 Bhesh Kafle
2 Bishal Rana
3 Hari Nepal
4 Megha Paudyal
5 Prakash Bhujel
6 Priyanka Regmi

There are only one candidate filed the nomination in each position of Vice Chairperson and Treasurer. As these positions are uncontested, the e-ballot will not include the candidates for those position.

The candidates in each position can withdraw their nomination by 23:59, Sunday 23rd August 2020.  In such a case, the final list of candidates will be updated.