• Innovative Technologies and Practices for Nepal

      Proceedings of 3rd SONEUK Conference स्मारिका
      Click here to download.


    • Talk Program with Dr Rajesh Dhakal

      Title: “Post-earthquake revival of Nepal: What are the needs and how can we contribute?”
      Date: Friday, 7th June 2019 (1800 Hrs – 2000 Hrs)
      Venue: London (TBC)
      Contact: info@soneuk.org

    • Family Gathering 2019

      Details to be announced soon.

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SONEUK’s annual conference 2019 was successfully held on Saturday 27th April 2019. Photos and event schedule are available here.


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SONEUK believes in growing by doing things together with experts and professionals in various fields, identifying intersectional disciplines and creating and promoting development projects that benefit Nepal and UK, with fruitful interaction between the engineering communities residing in both countries. Find out more here.

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